October 20, 2019
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Welcome to Saridar Lab

Knowing that the competition became international is the principle that Saridar Laboratories works on, as locality is not anymore the only dimension and we now live in a world without boundaries or barriers. Saridar Lab was established with the aim to keep pace with the international conventions and modern techniques at the world of medical laboratories.
The best Egyptian universities' professors, each in his subspeciality, were chosen on scientific and professional basis and this gives Saridar Laboratories a special luster. Saridar Lab was built on the basis that to be special, you must have strict rules, to gain success, there are many criteria to be fulfilled, and that there are many levels of the service quality, we insist to give you the best. Don't miss this.

Quality Management

Commitment of a medical laboratory to a quality system means a lot. ISO 9001-2008 certificate ensures that patient samples are inspected, traced and identified throughout the whole analytical process.
The laboratory investigations should be performed using high quality continuously checked and calibrated equipments and closely inspected purchased reagents and kits.
Finally saridar lab, in order to get accreditation, is preparing to get ISO 15189 which is specific to the laboratories.

Our Equipments

Axsym (Version 6.1) (Abbott)


Immunology Autoanalyzer.
Fully automated system, performing both random and continuous immunoassays.

مطلـوب للتعيين بالقاهرة الكبـرى
و 6 أكتوبر و الغربية و المنوفية
و السويس و بني سويف


أخصائيين واستشاريين تحاليل طبية


أطباء بيطريين


كيميائيين وفنيي معمل (خبرة وبدون)


مؤهلات عليا (للاستقبال والسكرتارية)


خريجي كلية الزراعة


موظفي تسويق (خبرة وبدون)


محاسبين (خبرة وبدون)


عمال نظافة



تقدم الطلبات ببرج ساريدارالاداري (بيزنس)
92 شارع التحرير

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